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Beaver lake is closed for skating


Beaver lake is closed for skating. Forever. Too many city vehicles have fallen through the ice, and so we’ve decided it’s just not safe anymore.

Depending on who you ask, you might hear that it’s about climate change. Beaver lake just doesn’t freeze as reliably as it used to. Others might tell you it’s about the lake having been made too deep to freeze in the process of adding a “waterfall feature”. Neat.

But don’t worry guys. We can still skate on the new refrigerated rink next to the lake. Now when the winters of Quebec don’t quite cut it, we can refrigerate them right back down to normal via this literal tech-enabled platform for the dose of nature we deserve. It may not be as big, and it may not be the original, but it’s safe, and there’s enough brand value in the Beaver Lake tradition to keep people skating here for years to come. And we get to keep our nifty waterfall feature.