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  1. Facebook is most definitely bringing down human interaction. So most of the year I simply deactivate Facebook. When I deactivate my account I never miss Facebook at all. It’s a lot moe calming for my ADD personality not to have it. I find it’s easie to stay focused. I turned it on again recently because I was missing out on friends photos. October 11′ I went the whole month without a cell phone and it was amazing. Just powered it off and didn’t turn it on til November. I only missed 2 things; Pandora and taking sneaker pics on the go to remotely upload with ease to my blog. Other than that, life without being so connected was a lot more peaceful and fulfulling. What baffles me is why I find it so difficult to just power it off completely again. I am starting to think this whole addiciton thing is true. I miss the world when we had tape answering machine and all our friends phone numbers memorized and GPS was merely 3 random letters.

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