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I’ve had many blogs in the past.  I used to blog about music over at Uh Oh Disco, and I’ve started various personal blogs since then, all of which have sort of fizzled out.  The problem is, my reason for starting a blog is usually that I’ve been motivated by what feels like a stroke of genius at the time, but which often turns out to be less than exciting outside the confines of my own head.  Or sometimes I come up with ideas which do actualize well, but which turn out not to warrant an entirely dedicated blog.  My favorite example of this is White Noise News, a blog I created as an outlet for all my pent up frustration-turned-satire.  The posts I put up were quite well received by the few people who saw them, but there’s only so many untrue news posts one can write before can no longer deny the fact that he’s charting territory that The Onion raped and pillaged years ago.

Point is, other than the fact that this blog happens to be self hosted and tied to my personal website (oooohhh…. ahhhhh…..) there’s no reason that it should be any more successful than the rest–so I’ve decided to set myself some goals to keep things moving.

A few weeks ago I met a girl that operates in a very different way from most people I meet. For the last several years, through Twitter, FourSquare, and I assume a significant number of other social tools, she has digitally documented her life, and as a result, people have developed a genuine interest in what she does, and what she has to say.  She has just under 10,000 Twitter followers, and she’s so influential to them that big companies continually reach out to her and offer to pay her to mention, use, and show their products and services.  This is strange to me, because I have next to no interest in what almost anyone does on the internet, much less people I don’t even know.  How is it possible that people care about what she had for dinner on her date last week?  So as a personal goal, and to keep this blog alive, I resolve to find out.

I might not be able to swing 10,000, but as a phase one goal, I’m going to attempt to get 50 people–and not just any people, but specifically people that I don’t know–to care about what I have to say.  I haven’t decided whether that’s going to be reflected in Facebook likes, Tweets, comments, or what, but I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I decide.  Sound reasonable?  Good

git commit -am “Until next time”

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