Hey, I'm Stephen. I'm a web developer and urban ethusiast based in downtown Los Angeles, CA. I also like bicycles, skateboards, music made on a computer, records, sneakers, warehouses with huge windows, and people with even less patience for change than I do. Should we be working together? Shoot me an email.

My website used to be cool, but one day it ocurred to me that no matter how kick-ass it was, it would one day go out of fashion, and then I would have to redo it. Since I'd much rather spend that time building things that actually matter, I decided to trash my entire site and go with good ol' plaintext. Maybe I'll change the font one day.

Anyhow, I really like cities. I can get real nerdy over urban planning. I think well-designed cities have tremendous power to make people happy, and a lot of the work I do reflects that sentiment.

I founded Compiler LA with my friend Vyki. We're using technology to help build the Los Angeles of tomorrow.

My friend Joe and I also founded CityGrows, a SaaS company designed to bring healthy workflow, collaboration, and open data to government processes.

I'm also making a documentary about The New Los Angeles, though it's sure taking me a long time.

Sometimes I like to throw a little wisdom on a t-shirt.

You can read my blog, or find me on Twitter, or on GitHub, or Facebook, or , or you can .