I'm Stephen. I'm a web developer and urban ethusiast based in Downtown Los Angeles. I like bicycles, skateboards, computer music, sneakers, big windows, small communities, and people who struggle to put up with the status quo. You can shoot me an email. Or if you prefer, I can send you emails:

My website used to be cool, but it went out of fashion, and I didn't want to redo it. I'd much rather spend that time building things that actually matter. Maybe I'll change the font one day to make it feel more relevant.

I like cities. I like the power they have to bring people together. Urban fabric is the ultimate "UI." Well-designed cities have tremendous power to make people happy. Most of the work I do reflects these sentiments:

I founded Compiler LA with my friend Vyki. We're using technology to help build the Los Angeles of tomorrow.

I founded a govtech startup called CityGrows. We're a workflow and open data platform for government.

I'm also making a documentary about The New Los Angeles. It's taking me a really long time.

I helped my girlfriend launch Detourism.co

Sometimes I like to throw some wisdom on a t-shirt.

You can find me on Medium, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook. You can also . Or you can .