I'm Stephen. I'm a web developer and urban ethusiast based in New York. I like bicycles, skateboards, computer music, sneakers, big windows, and small communities. You can shoot me an email. Or I can send you emails:

My website used to be cool, but it went out of fashion, and I didn't want to redo it. I'd rather spend that time building things that actually matter. Maybe I'll change the font one day to make it feel more relevant.

I like cities. I like the power they have to bring people together. Urban fabric is the ultimate "UI." Well-designed cities have tremendous power to make people happy.

I currently run a govtech startup called CityGrows. We're building a platform for accessible, transparent local government.

I helped my girlfriend launch Detourism.co

I can also tell you what to plant, when.

You can find me on Medium, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook. You can also . Or you can .